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My Work

Enjoy Brewery

This was a personal project in which I was inspired by beer brands I already enjoy. I chose to work with bright and happy colors to create a can that I would personally pick up from a shelf at the store. In using organic shapes and fun illustrations I created a beer for young adults in their twenties that would not normally choose to buy beer over a fun mixer or wine. Overall, These unique and engaging visual elements work together to appeal to those who would otherwise never try a specialty can of beer. 

Arc of Quasar

This client commissioned me to create a logo and brand concepts for merchandising collateral in 2019. I was given inspiration from 70’s psychedelic poster design, combined with a modern twist in illustration. Since the original commission, I have progressed in my abilities as a designer, and therefore updated this branding project while maintaining my relationship with the client. In the end, Arc of Quasar has become an intricately psychedelic brand while still keeping up with modern design influences. 

Coffee Central

I have had the opportunity to work with Coffee Central since their opening in 2019. Through this relationship I have been able to design and update their logo, create merchandising collateral, packaging and menu designs, and coordinate interior layouts and murals. The work I have done and continue to do for Coffee Central is solely based around their brand identity as a place for coffee and community. This is successfully portrayed through warm tones, relevant designs, and a cohesive visual identity. 

Vick's Vapo Rub Campaign

To create this advertising campaign, I redirected the target audience of a Vick’s Vapo-Rub ad in Food Network magazine, to Snowboard magazine. A modern publication for winter athletes. In order to target this specific demographic, I researched Snowboarding culture and the general aesthetic of this magazine. Incorporating terms of the sport appeals to the athlete and makes the advertisement seem laid back, while still having a professional look in order to trust this company as a medical brand.